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Celebrating 9 Passionate, Sensual and Sentimental Queer Celebs for Cancer Season

Andrea Marks Joseph READ TIME: 7 MIN.

As we lean into the summer feeling of flirting, fun, and spending time with friends, we celebrate our fav queer Cancerians.

Cancerians are known for being in touch with their emotions, which they feel very deeply. They're creative, passionate, naturally inclined to express themselves through various mediums (be that song lyrics, memoir writing, music videos, or the art of the perfect mirror selfie!), and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Above all, Cancerians prioritize their loved ones and the places where they feel most comfortable. They're sentimental, loyal to the core, and known for their generous, thoughtful gifts.

The queer celebs we're spotlighting this month, for the gift of their birth under this star sign, have all used their talents to enrich our lives through our favorite TV shows, their moving memoirs, and photoshoots that left us breathless. Cancerians fall in love quickly, and can be swept up in romance, but this willingness to feel and follow their hearts opens up a world of possibility. These gorgeous, talented celebs pour their hearts into their creative projects, and into creating a loving home for their family. We're grateful they've brought us along for the ride with their thirst traps, queer love stories, and horny pop songs!

Colton Haynes

Cancerians feel everything, good and bad. This deep sense of being in touch with their emotions – and every little thing that triggers a big emotional shift – makes for a convincing actor, and a deeply affecting performance. Colton Haynes, model and actor known for his work on "Teen Wolf" and "Arrow," courageously shared the story of how Hollywood insiders pressured him to stay closeted to protect his career. A Cancerian's work and art is fueled by a sense of hope – the idea that somehow their work will contribute towards the "greater good." In Colton's deeply honest memoir, which covered abuse, addiction, and the tricky, toxic nature of fame, he did so much good. And he continues to do so by living his life as an out gay man who makes our world brighter with his existence.

Cheyenne Jackson

Cancerians' love being home with their loved ones in a space where they feel comfortable and calm. But they love traveling as well, especially if it inspires their art and allows them to express their emotions in a new way. The ideal situation for a Cancerian is for them to find someone romantic who sweeps them off their feet and would join them in making a happy home together. Out actor Cheyenne Jackson found that happy place with his husband, Jason, and the kids he clearly adores. The "American Horror Story" actor has made appearances on "RuPaul's Drag Race" and in leading roles on Broadway, and has competed in "The Masked Singer." He's multi-talented, he's got fantastic salt-and-pepper facial hair, and he adores his kids – what's not to love about this handsome Cancerian?

Emma D'Arcy

We're all leaning into the summer vibes of delicious food and fun-loving friends, but Cancerians specifically are in their element right now. This water sign is associated with an innate sensuality, and a deep appreciation for life's simple pleasures, with a particular focus on food and family. And who could demonstrate that more perfectly than Emma "A negroni ... sbagliato ... with prosecco in it" D'Arcy? Exactly. Cancerians have great taste, carry themselves with a cool, calm, collected vibe and striking elegance, and they're total trendsetters – all of which can be said of D'Arcy, particularly with the number of people who rushed out to try the drink for themselves. We look forward to getting to know the chic nonbinary "House of the Dragon" actor more as their star continues to rise.

by Andrea Marks Joseph

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