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Airports Step Up Mental Health Assistance as Passenger Anxiety Soars

By Katja Ridderbusch | Friday Apr 16, 2021
Airport chaplains have become close witnesses to people's worsening mental condition. "No doubt, the pandemic has accelerated the need for our services to a new level," said the Rev. Greg McBrayer.

Syphilis Cases in California Drive a Record-Setting Year for STDs Nationwide

By April Dembosky, KQED | Wednesday Apr 14, 2021
In certain circles of San Francisco, a case of syphilis can be as common and casual as the flu.

The Gender Vaccine Gap: More Women Than Men Are Getting COVID Shots

By Laura Ungar | Monday Apr 12, 2021
Public health experts cited many reasons for the difference, including that women make up three-quarters of the workforce in health care and education, sectors prioritized for initial vaccines.

They Tested Negative, But Still Have Long COVID Symptoms

By Lydia Zuraw | Saturday Apr 10, 2021
people who didn't test positive for COVID face difficulty getting treatment and disability benefits. And, sometimes as aggravating, many find that family, friends or even doctors have doubts they contracted COVID at all.

12 Months of Trauma: More Than 3,600 US Health Workers Died in COVID's First Year

By ane Spencer, The Guardian and Christina Jewett | Thursday Apr 8, 2021
"Lost on the Frontline" tracked who died and why, providing a window into the workings — and failings — of the U.S. health system during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What COVID Means for the Athlete's Heart

By Markian Hawryluk | Tuesday Apr 6, 2021
for the athletes participating in professional, collegiate, high school or even recreational sports, significant unanswered questions remain about the aftereffects of a covid infection.

COVID 'Cowboy' Rounds Up Spring Break Scofflaws, Lines 'Em Up for Shots

Wednesday Mar 31, 2021
A Durango, Colorado, consortium that includes local businesses and the tourism office has hired actors to get people to obey the city's mandate to wear their dang masks.

Dramatic Drop in Common Viruses Raises Question: Masks Forever?

By Blake Farmer, Nashville Public Radio | Wednesday Mar 31, 2021
Masks and physical distancing are proving to have major fringe benefits, keeping people from getting all kinds of illnesses — not just COVID-19.

Lawsuit Threatens No-Charge Preventive Care for Millions

By Harris Meyer | Saturday Mar 27, 2021
With a challenge to the Affordable Care Act still pending at the Supreme Court, conservatives are continuing to launch legal attacks on the law,

Vaccination Sign-Ups Prove Daunting for Speakers of Other Languages

By Rachana Pradhan | Thursday Mar 25, 2021
Concerns about equity have loomed large in the nation's mass covid vaccination effort. Distribution of doses has been spotty among underserved populations, many of whom have been hit disproportionately by covid hospitalizations and deaths.

The Case for Donating US COVID Vaccines Overseas

By Arthur Allen | Monday Mar 22, 2021
"We need to take care of the problem everywhere to be able to take care of it anywhere," says Dr. Mark Feinberg, president and CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative.

In America, COVID Vaccine Eligibility Is a 'Crazy Quilt' of State Rules

By Phil Galewitz | Monday Mar 22, 2021
The different rules among states — and sometimes varying rules even within states — created a mishmash. This has unleashed "vaccine jealousy" as people see friends and family in other states qualify ahead of them.

Some Dream — Others Scheme — To Find a Vaccine Before Spring Break

By Fred Mogul | Monday Mar 22, 2021
Rumors on campuses abound about students who are exploiting loopholes and getting vaccinated against COVID in order to party and go on spring break.

So You're Vaccinated Against COVID. Now What?

By Bernard J. Wolfson | Monday Mar 22, 2021
Ill-advised behavior, or a mutant strain of the covid virus — or both — could still ignite another surge. And we're not entirely certain to what extent vaccination prevents you from infecting unvaccinated people, or for how long it protects against COVID.

Can Vaccination and Infection Rates Add Up to Reach Covid Herd Immunity?

By Carmen Heredia Rodriguez | Friday Mar 19, 2021
"Presumed 'herd immunity' is 'the combined value of infections + vaccinations as % population > 60%,'" noted a tweet by a CNBC anchor based on a more complete analysis by the firm. That got us thinking: Does this calculation hold up?

Vaccine Altruists Find Appointments for Those Who Can't

By Anna Almendrala | Monday Mar 15, 2021
Grassroots volunteer corps — powered by people with time, tech savvy and a computer at their fingertips — are popping up in major metropolitan areas where thousands of people are competing for the same appointment slots.

To Extract More Doses per Vial, Vaccinators Put Squeeze on FDA to Relax Vaccine Handling Advice

By Arthur Allen | Monday Mar 15, 2021
Pharmacists want to use a single hypodermic needle to withdraw leftover vaccine from two vials from which all full doses already have been removed.

Pfizer's Newest Vaccine Plant Has Persistent Mold Issues, History of Recalls

By Sarah Jane Tribble | Wednesday Mar 10, 2021
Pfizer's management knew last year there was "a mold issue" at the Kansas facility now slated to produce the drugmaker's urgently needed covid-19 vaccine, according to a Food and Drug Administration inspection report.

For COVID 'Long Haulers,' Battling for Disability Benefits Adds Aggravation to Exhaustion

By David Tuller | Wednesday Mar 10, 2021
Given the lack of testing in the first months, many "long haulers," have no laboratory proof of infection. Proving symptoms to insurance providers also poses another challenge.

Ouch! Needle-Phobic People Scarred by So Many Images of COVID Shots

By Julie Appleby | Tuesday Mar 9, 2021
Story after story on the TV news is about the COVID vaccination effort, and they are all illustrated with footage of needles sinking into exposed upper arms. Could those visuals, ostensibly making this all seem routine, backfire?

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