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"Deathwalker, Journeys of Life, Death & Beyond" by Theresa Dominguez-Weiss!

When Theresa Dominguez-Weiss experienced the death of her beloved grandmother something extraordinary happened, but it was so overwhelming she completely buried the memory. Years later, the remembrance of Deathwalking, accompanying her Abuelita Grandma Rosie to the Other Side, bubbled to the surface. She knew she had to share this remarkable experience with the world, every detail in all their shimmering glory.

Dominguez-Weiss has experienced many transformative events that most people would consider outside the realm of ordinary life. In the hopes of inspiring others, she has woven them together in this captivating book. Her life is extraordinary, and her stories are fascinating.

Deathwalker-Journeys of Life, Death and Beyond includes her experiences with death and near-death, intuition, past lives, telepathic communications with pets and shamanic adventures at ancient power places such as the Great Pyramid and Machu Picchu.

For Dominguez-Weiss, these "peak" moments have served as springboards into a more meaningful life.


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