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by Greg Vellante
EDGE Media Network Contributor
Wednesday Nov 7, 2018

Voyeurism has always been a major curiosity in the cinema of Brian De Palma, and his 1973 film "Sisters" is no exception. It begins with a man (Lisle Wilson) who finds himself the target of a caught-on-camera television show that tests his temptations. Its mid-section consists of a women (Jennifer Salt) convinced that she witnessed the murder of this same individual. At the center of it all are separated Siamese twins, Danielle Breton and Dominique Blanchion (the always-fantastic Margot Kidder), with the on-screen presence of the latter sibling hugely absent from the film.

Wrapped in mystery, sex and cinematic techniques that mirror De Palma's affinity for the peeping tom-ism of the artform, "Sisters" is a captivating affair that has now been added to the Criterion Collection. Rightfully recognized for its macabre plot developments, innovative split-screen storytelling, chilling Bernard Hermann score and fascinating insights into the female condition, Criterion paired with De Palma for a director-approved special edition that is a worthy addition to any true cinephile's collection.

This new 4K restoration is stunning to say the least, with images that permeate the mind and sound that assaults from every angle. A wide range of bonus features are featured in this released, including:

• New interview with actor Jennifer Salt
• Interviews from 2004 with De Palma, actors Bill Finley and Charles Durning, editor Paul Hirsch, and producer Edward R. Pressman
• Audio from a 1973 discussion with De Palma at the American Film Institute
• Appearance from 1970 by actor Margot Kidder on "The Dick Cavett Show"
• Photo gallery and radio spots
• An essay by critic Carrie Rickey, excerpts from a 1973 interview with De Palma on the making of the film, and a 1973 article by the director on working with composer Bernard Herrmann

Criterion Collection Blu-ray


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